“I Hate Tim Rajeff” – by Lee Baermann

Now before you cut my lines, break my rods and corrode my reels, let me explain. For years, I have shunned and put down the use of switch and spey rods in the Southern California surf. It’s even in my book. It’s not because I can’t cast them well – it has to do with the length and landing fish…okay…and the length. I said length twice because Southern California surf isn’t the East Coast surf.

I have used my 10’ 10” ECHO switch rod for carp, in the surf,  and on a panga in Baja – for me, that length was a killer. Long rods in a 22’ panga don’t leave much wiggle room. Now if you use a switch or spey in any of those situations, fantastic – I have clients who use them…but they have bad shoulders.

So, to why I hate Tim. I bugged the poop out of him to create a dedicated surf fishing fly line and when he relented, there was a codicil – he wanted me to “get behind” his in-the-works Boost Beach rod. I said, “Yeah, yeah, sure sure” and after some time he showed up with the prototype Boost Beach rods and the Surf line. I picked him up at his hotel, we went to breakfast and then to the beach to put everything through its paces.

The line was just what I described to him and the Beach rod was nice. I say ‘nice’ because it it didn’t feel like a spey or switch rod, even though it’s definitely a two-hander. The casting motion was too easy. I mean this is fly-fishing and the casting has to be hard so we can tell people we do it, right?  Well not this rod. And that is why I hate Tim. The more I used it the easier it became, and the more I didn’t want to put it down. It went from ‘nice’ to OH YEAH!

There have been times when fish on the beach are 20 to 30 feet out past what my max distance with a single hand rod is. That isn’t a factor any longer. The rod just flat throws line with such ease I now have a hard time going out on the wet sand with anything other than the Boost Beach rod.

I’ll be taking this rod on my next trip to Baja for long throws to skittish roosterfish. Heck, it’s a Tenkara rod for carp, making dipping to feeding fish really easy.

Do I like the length? So far, so good. I have to wait for it to warm up so the corbina show so I can make delicate 20-foot casts to one of the spookiest fish around. If I can do that, I may never use a single-handed fly rod on the beach again…….stay tuned.

Lee Baermann is a fishing guide and writer based out of Southern California. A surf and nearshore fishing Jedi, Lee operates Fly Fish the Surf guide service. Lee is an ECHO Pro Staffer and one of the fishiest guys south of the 54-40. He’s the author of “Fly Fish the Surf”, which can be found here.


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