Makers of the world’s best performing fly fishing equipment at affordable prices.

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  1. Mike Rock says:

    Eight years ago I bought my first Echo rod Salmon / Steelhead fishing in New York. My current rod broke and by mere chance I purchased a 8/9 classic green 10ft 8wt. I landed 30 lb kings on this rod and all sizes of Steelhead from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. This rod never let me down, I purchased another one and then of course bought some ION of the same size. The 10 wt ION can turn a big salmon if you actually have the strength, the rod will do it! The warranty is spectacular at Echo, no worries, and I have broke a few.

    I have turned all my friends onto your awesome rods and must say that I have used all those very expensive rods at $1500. My Echos outperform all of them! Still have one of the classic green models and I still use it with a smile on my face everytime the steelhead come a running!

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